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Sea Eagle FoldCat 375fc Deluxe

Sea Eagle FoldCat 375fc Deluxe

Item# SEIN375
Sale Price: $1,350.00
MSRP: $1,699.00

Product Description

The FoldCat 375fc will take up to a 3 hp gas engine but motors very well with a small electric motor. Two Swivel seats allow you to turn and follow the fish wherever they swim. Unlike other pontoon boats, The FoldCat 375fc features a 1000 denier reinforced inflatable hull - just like our Sport Boats that take 40 hp engines.

Cheaper pontoon boats are built with a thin bladder which is encased in a heavy but porous outer bag. This makes for a much heavier boat with two hulls. The outer, porous hull often remains waterlogged and a breeding ground for bacteria. Two man pontoon boats with this system can weigh 125lbs when dry, and over 150lbs when waterlogged. By comparison, the FoldCat hull is an easy to carry 75lbs. Using the optional Seat Pedestal gives the angler a better perspective in sight fishing. The subtle changes in depth, water clarity, or bottom composition are easily viewed from the deck of a FoldCat. The FoldCat has a unique folding support system that can be inflated and assembled in 5 minutes by one person.

The Sea Eagle FoldCat 375fc Deluxe Standard Deluxe Features:
  • NMMA and CE Certified
  • Patented Folding Frame (U.S. Patent 7,240,634)
  • Super strong oars & oarlocks
  • Motormount for gas & electric motors
  • Rugged molded nose cones
  • Full fabric floor
  • Four conveniently located carry handles
  • Printed instructions

    Optional Pro Angler Package includes:
  • 2 Swivel Seats
  • 2 Quick Release Swivel Seat Mounts
  • 2 Lockable Oarlocks/Oarpins
  • 2 AB45 PG River Oars
  • A41 Foot Pump
  • 4 Rod Holders
  • Step Bench
  • SB2 Nylon Storage Bag
  • Pedestal for 1 Swivel Seat
  • Carry Bag
  • Repair Kit

    Boat Specifications:
    Inflated Dimensions: 12' 4" x 4' 6"
    Deflated Dimensions: 56"x21"x10"
    Air compartments: 2
    Floor: Aluminum slat roll-up
    Tube Diameter: 16"
    Inflation & Assembly: 5 min.
    Material: 100 Denier Reinforced
    Seam: Quadruple Overlap Seam
    Air Valves: Halkey-Roberts One Way
    Hull Weight: 75 lbs.
    Weight Capacity: 2 adults or 650lbs
    Motor Capacity (Gas): 3 hp (45 lbs. Wt.)
    Speed with Gas/Electric: 8-10 mph w/gas
    - 4-6 mph w/electric
    3 Year Warranty
    Manufacturer: Sea Eagle

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