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If you are a boat manufacturer you probably know that the Internet has changed the fundamental way all business is conducted. We understand these changes and hope you will carefully consider allowing DirectBoats.com to sell your boats motors or trailers. We are the number one online boat retailer, so please hear what we have to say.

DirectBoats.com is a family owned mainly non-stocking brick and mortar dealership that started in 1999 in Americus Georgia. Do not confuse us with another dealer/manufacturer that moved to town in 2015 purchased up some older boat manufacturing businesses and has tried to confuse our customer base with a close marketing name. We do business internationally but mostly sell boats in the continental US delivering boats to customers homes.

DirectBoats.com actually creates a new demand for boats that are now available to customers via the Internet, and therefore we have increased the overall boat market. Example; if you are a customer and you can't find what you want in a town where selection is limited, after looking through store after store, you may be tempted to buy a new TV or Computer instead. Many of our sales comes from sparsely populated areas in remote area's untapped by traditional boat dealerships.

Our sales goal is to sell every type of boat available. If you see your type of boat is not represented on DirectBoats.com we are interested in selling for you. If you see we have a boat similar, call us anyway. The existing manafacturer may not be getting boats out well or at all and there would be a possibility of replacing a boat or manufacturer.

You are better off to offer us an exclusive! We do sell for some boat manufacturers in a traditional dealership fashion, competing with everyone else online. However, if we get an exclusive, we give your products extra exposure and give you featured factory status. This status comes with many perks. From listings on our home page to online marketing / review videos, exclusive additional web sites, social media marketing, physical boat/trade shows and more. If you sell yourself and are unsure how to make to transition to dealer sales, offer us a private label and we may listen. We would be most interested if it includes an exclusive option or boat. The more exclusives we get the more marketing we give.

We offer both retail and or wholesale programs. DirectBoats.com is the solution for small boat manufacturers in the 21st Century. If you do not have manufacturing facilities in North America, we will ship from a US or Canada stocking distributor of your choice. Our main requirement is that any and all US product liability is not transferred 1st Direct Products, LLC. If you are interested increasing your boat motor or trailer sales, please e-mail Directboats@yahoo.com or call 229-924-8155.
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