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If you are a boat manufacturer you probably know that the Internet has changed the fundamental way all business is conducted. We understand these changes and hope you will carefully consider allowing DirectBoats.com to sell your boats. We are the number one online boat retailer, so please hear what we have to say.

DirectBoats.com is mainly a non-stocking dealer because we saw the need to make all small boats available in the continental US. For example, if you make fifteen different boats and the local stocking dealer only offers six, the customer may want one he does not have. With DirectBoats.com the customer now has a choice to order the specific boat he wants. This will increase your overall sales and fill in your dealer gaps.

DirectBoats.com actually creates a new demand for boats that are now available to customers via the Internet, and therefore we have increased the overall small boat market. Example; if you are a customer and you can't find what you want in a town where selection is limited, after looking through store after store, you may be tempted to buy a new TV or Computer instead. Boats are impulse toy like items and need to be readily available on a whim.

Our sales team is non-biased toward boat manufacturers. We take extra steps to ensure that all boats are presented in the fairest possible way. For example, our sales staff does not get paid commission. We set a standard flat margin and only adjust the margin if it actually costs us more than usual to work with your products. We are most interested how to increase online boat sales.

The biggest mistake boat manufacturers make after starting with online retailers is that they assume more is better. Actually we know from experience the number one way to destroy your business is to loose control of your resellers. Adding a lot of online retailers will not sell you one extra boat! If you allow five different dealers in the same town, your dealers will not make money, they will probably hate you for adding too many competitors and verbally bash your boats every chance they get. As soon as they have a good alternative they will not purchase boats from you in the future, cutting off five good outlets in the long run. It is similar with Internet retailers, it is like one town, however it's advertised in every town. The trick is how to hold your price up, represent your products well, increase sales and exposure, at the same time protecting your stocking dealers. If you sell directly online yourself, we would not want to sell for you and would advise any of our dealers to do likewise. We feel that if you are in the retail market yourself why would you look for dealers, either stocking or non-stocking, your only motive would be to take our marketing money and exposure to translate it into your pocket. If and when we get exclusive online retail protection from you, we will give your products extra exposure and give you featured factory status. We will be improving our featured factories products with online videos, trade shows, more pictures etc... If you sell yourself and are unsure how to make to transition to dealer sales, offer us a private label and we may listen. We would be most interested if it includes an exclusive option or something. Keep in mind we manufacture nothing but we do have online exclusive boats we sell, given to us by boat manufacturers. Most of our manufactures pick just a few online retailers and have separate dealer agreements for both stocking and non-stocking online retailers. It is very easy to get 30+ web sites listing your boat, but collectively they won't get you one more boat sale... and in the end they will probably destroy all your retailers confidence in you by discounting the boats even with MAP pricing policies or good better best policies. We have seen this over and over for years now. It seems that every new sales manager thinks more is better only to find out opposite. We recommend three or less is best, providing for better control, information and good relations. We provide a 95% market penetration ourselves, not to mention you can also spend money on marketing to ensure your boat is being seen by the customer.

No we don't list at ebay, craigslist or amazon, is not where new boats are sold. Those are yard sale mentality customers who are basically looking for a new boat at a used boat prices. A lot of talk with no sales.

We offer both retail and or wholesale programs. DirectBoats.com is the solution for small boat manufacturers in the 21st Century. If you do not have manufacturing facilities in North America, we will ship from a US or Canada stocking distributor of your choice. If you are interested in working with us, please e-mail Directboats@yahoo.com or call 877-924-8155 and speak to a Sales Representative.

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229-924-8155 M-F 8:30AM-5:30PM EST.

Sales E-Mail Directboats@yahoo.com
 Customer Service E-Mail Directboatsservice@gmail.com

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