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Boat Trailer Buyers Guide

Boat Trailer Buyers Guide
This basic boat trailer shopping guide in frequently asked questions format is designed to help you make the right decision when it comes time to purchase your boat trailer. Of course we hope the decision of whom you purchase it from is First is to understand the different types of trailer materials, terminology and construction methods in order to make sure it is right for your needs. Here is a short list of questions you need the answers to about boat trailer construction and manufacturing.

Do you offer reviews on boat trailers? We have found too many purchased reviews from manufactureres so no. However we do offer editors reviews from time to time on trailers. But most important things are answered by the sales staff, such as distance driving, wheel size recommendations for weight of boat etc...

What is a Painted Steel Boat Trailer? The name says it all, regular steel trailer with paint on it. Problems are chipped paint next to bolts, and if box frame, no paint inside frame. Any area where there is no paint will rust quickly. So worst case buy a painted tubular box frame trailer(see term definition below) and put it in salt water. That trailer will rust from inside to outside.

What is a Galvanine type Boat Trailer?This is a process by which the manufacturer of the steel coats the steel in a very thin galvanization. The assembler of the trailer cuts the steel and the rust begins on the tips of each cut or hole in the trailer. Some argue its less protection than paint, because of the unprotected tips of the steel. It is quite obvious on a new trailer because of the shinny look of the trailer.

Hot Dip Galvanized steel boat trailer This is the most common type of boat trailer on the market. The assembler builds the trailer, be it welded or bolt together and sends the parts that can be galvanized to hot dip galvanize r. At this point they drop the parts into a vat of hot galvanization which if done right coats the entire trailer inside and out.

Aluminum Boat Trailer These are either bolt together or welded trailers known for lightweight and corrosion resistance. They are common on very large boats because of weight savings.

Tubular Box Frame Boat Trailer The trailer is made of square tubing which makes it the sturdy. This protects the wires and brake lines best.

C channel Boat TrailerThis trailer is made of a metal cut in the shape of a C. It is weaker than the box trailer design and does not protect the wires and brake lines very well.

I Beam constructed Boat Trailer This metal is cut in the shape of an I. The larger aluminum boat trailers are commonly built with this design because of the strength to weight ratio is very good.
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