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How to Register your new boat.

How to Register your new boat.
Below is a brief generallized description of what to expect when trying to register your boat with your local and or state government agency. Since every registration process is different in every county throughout the US, we are going to give you generally what we have learned over the past few years and is by no means ment to be interpreted as the law.

What boats are required to register?

If you are going to use any watercraft in a public waterway, you need to check with your local boat registrant. If you are using your boat in your own lake or pond for personal use, you will probably not need to register it. Many types of boats or watercraft (especially 10' and under) do not need to be registered.

Who do I contact to register my boat or find out for sure if it needs registering?

Each area is different, it would be good to ask your state department of transportation or motor vehicle division. Some states use the fish and wildlife division. These may not be the ones to register your boat, but they will probably know where to direct you.

What do I need when registering?

Most require a sales receipt. Some require a sales receipt and a manufacturers statement of origin (MSO). Some require the MSO to be notorized. In that case you can send the MSO that came with your boat back to us for notorization. Many MSO's are located in the back or on the back of your owners manual. If you can't find your MSO please fill out the missing MSO form here and we will send you a replacement. Since your boat comes strait from the factory to you, several manufacterers don't fill out the MSO. You will need to fill it out and possibly fill out some other forms by your regulatory agency. If you do need us to notorize your MSO, (10% probability) mail it to us and we will priority mail it back. Our mailing address is P.O. Box 6406 Americus, GA 31709

Do I have a grace period to register my boat?

Most states give a standard 30 day grace period from the time you purchase your boat to the time you need to register it. A few states don't, you might want to ask before getting a ticket.

Will I need to pay anything when registering?

Should that have been a question, of course you have to pay. Now exactly what that amount is varies. Fees range from a 10 dollars anually to value based percentage formula's.

What about registering my boat trailer?

Most states require a tag for it, so after you check on your boat, ask about the trailer. Some states only tax the trailer and not the boats.

Well we hope this helped you. If you are missing something or are confused about something, please don't call the boat factory, we at Direct Boats are here to help you with registering your new boat.

Happy boating....
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