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How to Register your new boat.

The following is a brief, general overview of the boat registration process with local and state government agencies. It is important to note that registration procedures vary across counties in the United States. The information provided is based on our collective knowledge from the past few years and should not be construed as legal advice.

What boats are required to register?

If you are going to use any watercraft in a public waterway, you need to check with your local boat registrant. If you are using your boat in your own lake or pond for personal use, you will probably not need to register it. Many types of boats or watercraft (especially 10' and under) do not need to be registered.

Who do I contact to register my boat or find out for sure if it needs registering?

Each area is different, it would be good to ask your state department of transportation or motor vehicle division. Some states use the fish and wildlife division. These may not be the ones to register your boat, but they will probably know where to direct you.

What do I need when registering?

Most states require at minimum a sales receipt. Some require a sales receipt and a manufacturer's statement of origin (MSO). Most require the MSO to be notarized. We will be sending out your signed and notarized MSO automatically after you receive your boat. It may take a couple of weeks for it to show up in the mail after your boat has been delivered. In a few cases like some small boat trailers, MSO's are located in the back or on the back of your owners manual, in that case you will need to send it to us if notarization is required. If you can't find your MSO after it has been a few weeks, please email us and we will track your original or send you a replacement if lost in mail. Our mailing address for MSO returns is P.O. Box 6406 Americus, GA 31709

Do I have a grace period to register my boat?

In many states, there is a 30 to 60 day grace period from the date of boat purchase or receipt of boat or trailer for registration. It's advisable to store your signed and dated delivery receipt in the boat. This can be presented to officers if you are stopped, indicating that you are awaiting the Manufacturer's Statement of Origin (MSO) to complete the registration process. Occasionally, law enforcement may not be aware that there is a delay between the order date and the actual receipt of the boat. If you have concerns about this, you can contact our customer service department to update your invoice to reflecting the date you received your boat or trailer rather than the order placement date.

Will I need to pay anything when registering?

Should that have been a question, of course you have to pay the Government. Now exactly what that amount is varies. Fees range from a 10 dollars annually to value based percentage formulas'.

What about registering my boat trailer?

Most states require a tag for it, so after you check on your boat, ask about the trailer. Some states only tax the trailer and not the boats.

Well we hope this helped you. If you are missing something or are confused about something, please don't call the boat factory, we at are the boat factories representative and are here to help you with registering your new boat.

Happy boating....
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