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Why Buy Here!

Why Buy Here!
1. Selection - With over 1000 boats motors and trailers to choose from, no other company comes close to our selection. We sell for many marine manufacturers and have exclusive rights to sell many boats. We also private label a wide selection of boats you won't find anywhere else. If you don't see the boat you are looking for call us, we may know where to get it, or we can have it custom built to your exact specifications.

2. No incorrect adds or estimated costs - Almost every one of our competitors who advertises "free shipping" is incorrect, usually in fine print somewhere deep they say "over sized items" are not included in the free shipping offer. Many, even seemingly, reputable name companies will hide charges from you, or just estimate charges such as shipping or sales tax, surprising you when you get your bill. Make sure the company you buy from will guarantee in writing your total cost delivered to your door, not just to the nearest terminal or store etc... . If the company you are considering purchasing from has a store in your state, they will be required to collect sales tax. At Direct Boats all we ship is over sized items and our bottom line delivered prices are accurate, and we collect no sales tax except Georgia.

3. Short lead times Ė DirectBoats.com orders are drop shipped straight from the assembly line to you, no going through a vast array of distribution centers which substantially increases the length of time and probability of damage to your boat. (Donít wait two months for a boat only to find it has a hole in it when you get it.)

4. All New inventory Ė Make sure your not getting last yearís model that has been sitting in a warehouse or on the floor of a retail store and hasnít moved because of blemishes or similar reasons.

5. Brokerage Financial Assurance - Especially during tough economic times, boat manufacturers are more likely to default on their obligations. After years of selling for boat manufacturers, we have found this to be so first hand. Most customers may see never see the financial problems because the boats and maybe the factory web site may still be online. The factory goes bankrupt; another factory purchases the bankrupt companies molds leaving a few customers paying for boats that they never receive. DirectBoats.com is on account with all of our boat factories thereby adding a layer of financial assurance if the factory fails while your order is in house. DirectBoats.com has very little overhead and no large capital investments such as new boat molds or production plants. This reduction in risk to the purchaser is one of the largest reasons DirectBoats.com is such a valued service. Unfortunately since we do not produce products we cannot warranty them if the factory fails, we can only guarantee you will either get a product or your money back in such cases.

6. US Liability Assurance - These days legal liability coverage is a tough subject for any boat manufacturer to say anything about, especially if they are manufactured outside of the US. It is our policy to not sell any product manufactured outside of the US where the factory does not carry US liability insurance. If you don't see a boat on our site for sale, keep in mind it is a possible that that manufacturer is not up to date with US liability insurance.

7. US Coast Guard Assurance - Another large issue, especially with foreign imported product is the US Coast Guard requirements. All DirectBoats.com boat manufacturers are required to register and comply with all US coast guard regulations. Keep in mind if you purchase components, (not full boats) an example: loose flotation pontoons, it will be up to the final assembler to comply with US coast guard requirements.

8. Top Customer Service - Our competition consists from one guy working out of a closet to nationwide box stores which changes employees like hats. (Donít order your boat or trailer and receive it, only to stare at it in your drive way because no one knows how or is willing to help you register it for use in public waterways or roads.) At Direct Boats our customer service during and after the sale is exceptional.

9. Sales Expertise and Selection -With the largest selection of small boats for sale in the world, DirectBoats.com offers not only great selection, but great sales expertise. We can make sure you get the right boat for you, and not simply push what we have. The sales staff is not commissioned or biased toward a specific product; they are simply interested in making sure you get what you need. (Donít go up the Creek with the wrong boat, it may be dangerous.)

10. Quality Delivery Service- Most times people take small things for granted, for example shipping. You may think shipping is shipping right? Wrong, many times our competitors don't offer the same level of service we think should be standard to ensure a smooth transaction. Don't take a day or two off of work only to find the shipment day was not guaranteed and therefore the carrier doesn't show up like they just told you they would, costing you money and time. We do our best to ensure quality freight carriers deliver our boats who actually stick to their delivery time, it is an extra charge from carriers for this service and we put it in standard.

11. Lower cost shipping The cost of shipping is a large part of the price of a boat because of it's size. We represent many competing boat manufacturers and ship from many locations in North America. This allows us to recommend boats that will save you money in shipping. Make sure you ask your salesman which boat would be best to buy given your current location. We also have cheaper shipping rates than any one manufacturer allowing us to meet or beat almost anyone in the market (if it is same type of shipping service). Not only do you get all the benefits listed above, but many times we have the best prices in the market too.

12. Excellent Ratings from our Customers- Don't just take our word for it, read the reviews our customers give us. Click below to read.

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