Zoom 310S

Zoom 310S
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Product Description

ZOOM is the perfect boat for discovering the joys of boating. Easy to setup, its assembly is simple and quick; and the inflation is child's play with the footpump! Safe and easy to navigate, a ZOOM is equipped with an inflatable keel which creates a performing hull shape. Easy to transport and easy to store away, a ZOOM travels in the trunk of your car. With its Inflatable keel provides an additional air chamber, gives good performance and handling and improved ride comfort.

• Inflatable keel
• Marine plywood floor + 2 aluminum stringers
• Aluminum engine support plate
• 1 self bailer

Standard Equipment
• Reinforced aluminum oars
• Foot pump
• Repair kit
• Owner's Manual

Buoyancy Tube
• 1100 decitext material
• Standard valves
• Safety line
• 2 oar rests
• 2 reclining oar supports
• All round ribbed rubbing strake
• 1 bow handles
• 2 stainless steel towing rings
• Reinforced cone ends

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