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Walker Bay 10 High Performance

Walker Bay  10 High Performance

The Walker Bay 10 High Performance Sail Kit is the ultimate in sailing for the 305S or 310R or 310H Rigid Inflatable Dinghy.

This new rig comes with a much larger sail plan than our other kits and includes a 15 sq ft / 1.4 sq m jib for better speed and upwind performance. A lightweight aluminum retractable rudder and higher ratio cleated mainsheet block offer superior handling, while a lightweight extended aluminum daggerboard offers superior pointing upwind. The two-piece traditional wing mast allows for fast and easy raising of the main sail and all new Dynemma® stays create a more rigid and responsive rig resulting in better sailing performance. The new HP Sail Kit turns your Walker Bay into a truly competitive sailing vessel.


  • High visibility multi-color sail
  • 60 sq ft / 5.5 sq m battened mainsail + 15 sq ft / 1.4 sq m jib with 3 ounce Dacron sail cloth
  • 16.7 ft/ 5.1 m mast collapses into two sections for easy transport or storage.
  • Large clear sail window for better visibility
  • Spars (mast and boom) constructed of anodized aluminum to resist corrosion
  • Fully reefable sail plan
  • Conventional 6.5 ft boom optimizes upwind and downwind performance
  • Instantly adjustable on/off ratchet block for easy mainsheet handling
  • Color coded lines
  • Retractable telescoping tiller extension
  • Deluxe motor/rudder mounting plates
  • Retractable composite rudder with lightweight aluminum foil.
  • Easy Quick Release button to attach/ detach rudder (on motor mount)
  • Lightweight aluminum centerboard (cap also provided for when daggerboard not in use)
  • Reinforced mast support tube
  • Boom vang with floating cleat
  • Recommended use with the Rigid Inflatable Dinghy 300 series

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