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Swan Kayak

Swan Kayak

Item# FFB-SW01
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MSRP: $4,999.00
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Product Description

The Fantasy Swan Kayak is sure to turn heads everywhere you take it. The swan kayak is beautiful, elegant, fun and fancy. It has enough capacity and space to fit almost any size person up to 430 lbs. We have also put two adults equaling 430lbs and it paddled easily. It was stable and cozy. Children can take the swan kayak out as well because of the light weight and ease of movement. Any child, around 50 lbs or more that has the nerve to take the kayak out themselves, should be able to move it around just fine with a little coaching.

The head and neck is attachable for transport and also now coated with long life automotive paint.
Boat Specifications:
Themed Kayak
Length: 10' 1"
Width: 38"
Height: 55"
Weight Capacity: 400 lbs.
Person capacity 1-2
Weight: 79 lbs.
Brand: Fantasy Boats
Patent Pending

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