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Swan Kayak Wholesale Lot 3

Swan Kayak Wholesale Lot 3

Item# FFB-SW03
Sale Price: $11,397.00
MSRP: $13,999.00
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Product Description

The new Fantasy Swan Kayak is sure to turn heads everywhere you take it. The swan kayak is beautiful, elegant, fun and fancy. It has enough capacity and space to fit almost any one person. We have put two adults equaling 340 lbs and it paddled fine. It was stable and cozy. We also had a 60 lb, first-time-paddler, little girl take it for a ride, smiling the whole time.

Editors Review: We took this beautiful kayak for a spin and was impressed with not only looks, but performance. Our first thought when we saw it was that it looked great, but probably not fun to paddle. We were so wrong. It looked to be tipsy, but it wasn't. It handled 430 lbs in our test and could probably handle more. We then thought you wouldn't be able to see around the neck. Again, we were wrong. The neck is only 6" and easy to see around with two working eyes. We thought the wind would blow us around, but it was barely different than other kayaks. We went out with 14 mph winds and paddled 4 mph against and 5 mph with. It tracked well. The seat was high with comfortable back support. We thought it was strange to not have bow and stern handles. However, we were told to lift from the side because of the head wanting to fall over when lifting. So that was fine once we knew that. It was light enough to easily lift onto a kayak cart for beach transportation which was the easiest way to move it by ourselves. We also tried two adults in it using a throw cushion as a seat for them. Only complaint we had was the lack of back support for the front passenger. The factory told us they were looking for a booster-style, drop-in front seat and would have one soon.
Swan Kayak
Wholesale Lot 3
Length: 10' 1"
Width: 38"
Height: 55"
Weight Capacity: 400 lbs.
Person capacity 1-2
Weight: 79 lbs.
Brand: Fantasy Boats
Patent Pending

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