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The Sportscraft is a multi function back packable small floating kick boat. The boat can be used as; scuba diving boat, snorkeling kick boat, spear fishing kick boat, duck hunting boat, solo fishing boat or just a plain commercial grade beach swim fin float. This fin or foot powered float was originally designed for scuba diving or snorkeling, but many people have discovered the other uses of this small portable boat. When you get tired of swimming and just need a place to sit and catch your breath or warm up in the sun, Sportscraft is there. If you want big boats to see where you are diving tether off to a Sportscraft and add the optional diving flag.

Duck hunters seam to like the portability of the boat. The back pack option allows hunters to easily get where the ducks are. If it's cold just use insulated waders. If you want to store your, ammo, ducks, small decoys inside the boat you can.

The optional back strap is sure to please anyone who wants to pack gear inside and hike to their destination. Call for resort or wholesale pricing.

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