Snapaboat 2 in 1 Basic

Snapaboat 2 in 1 Basic

Revolutionary new SNAPABOAT system!

Have you noticed how many different types, shapes and sizes of small boats there are on the market? Would you like to purchase a boat kit that could build the majority of those boats in a few minutes, store in your closet and fit in your car? Well you have found the solution. With SNAPABOAT kits you can build either now or in the near future, most sizes of catamaran SUP, Catamaran kayak, rowing cat, mini cat sailboat, mini pontoon fishing boats, pedal boat, hunting boat, etc... SNAPABOAT the ultimate portable, convertible, modular boat building system.

Some people say "Look at that the Lego boats", but it's not Lego's, it is SNAPABOAT.


  • Multiple water related configurations
  • Portable, carry in car or store in closet
  • Easy and quick to assemble
  • Bigger kits means more options and value
  • Tough rotomolded HDPE pontoons
  • End pontoons weight 7.5lbs, center ones 11lbs
  • Upgrade to bigger kits for super savings
  • Patent Pending
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