Prospector 18' Canoe

Prospector 18' Canoe

The ultimate in load carrying capacity and seaworthiness, the Prospector 18 is great for extended tripping wherever you paddle. It tracks well and is surprisingly maneuverable. Comfortable for two adults and three children, it can handle virtually any combination flatwater and whitewater. You’ll appreciate its inherent stability and manageability whether you’re paddling the great Nahanni River or your favorite backwoods lake. All of this in a classic, instantly recognizable Prospector package.

Canoe Categories:

  • River Tripping: High-volume, rugged hauler able to carry large loads in flatwater and whitewater.
  • Expedition: Serious boats for long trips.  High volume ends mean increased seaworthiness.  Optional spray skirts keep you dry and warm.
  • Whitewater: Highly maneuverable, fast and robustly constructed.  More rocker in keel and high volume ends to shed waves and keep you dry.

Royalex Specs:

  • Royalex is an ABS plastic laminate with a core of expanded closed cell foam. We custom order our Royalex sheets for each model for extra hull strength and stiffness while keeping the weight down. These canoes are great for shallow and whitewater and stand up under the most rugged conditions.
  • Available in Red, Green, Burgundy, and Blue
  • Weights: Royalex Lite - 74 lbs., Royalex - 84 lbs.
Prospector 18' Canoe
Length: 18'
Beam: 36"
Center Depth: 15"
Bow Depth: 23"
Bow & Stern Rocker: 2"
Weight Capacity: 1400 lbs.
Categories: River Tripping, Expedition, Whitewater
Manufacturer: Nova Craft

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