Prospector 17' Canoe

Prospector 17' Canoe

The increased size and load carrying capacity and classic lines make the Prospector 17 the ultimate extended wilderness tripping canoe. The extra volume lets you run large rapids and stay dry even when loaded with gear. It has a slight rocker for maneuverability in whitewater but tracks well on longer sections of flatwater. When your winter dreams turn into summer adventures on big waters like Lake Superior, or down a river to the Hudson Bay, the Prospector 17 makes a reliable companion.

Canoe Categories:

  • River Tripping: High-volume, rugged hauler able to carry large loads in flatwater and whitewater.
  • Expedition: Serious boats for long trips.  High volume ends mean increased seaworthiness.  Optional spray skirts keep you dry and warm.
  • Whitewater: Highly maneuverable, fast and robustly constructed.  More rocker in keel and high volume ends to shed waves and keep you dry.

Royalex & Royalex Lite Specs:

  • Royalex & Royalex Lite are ABS plastic laminates with a core of expanded closed cell foam. We custom order our Royalex sheets for each model for extra hull strength and stiffness while keeping the weight down. These canoes are great for shallow and whitewater and stand up under the most rugged conditions.
  • Available in Red, Green, Burgundy, and Blue
  • Weights: Royalex Lite - 68 lbs., Royalex - 80 lbs.

Kevlar, Spectra, and Superlite Color Choices:

  • Kevlar - These hulls are infused with high impact vinylester resin, sandwiched with fiberglass cloth between an outer layer of Cap (Chemically Activated Polyester) cloth and an inner layer of Kevlar.
  • Kevlar/Spectra - We combine Kevlar and Spectra with a high impact resistant vinylester resin in these infused hulls for expedition quality, lightweight canoes that resist tearing and punctures far better than an all Kevlar canoe.
  • Blue Steel - This is an advanced Kevlar Carbon material combined with Spectra and applied through a unique infusion process. The result is a tough, rigid canoe that's surprisingly light and easy to handle.
  • Available in Canoe Red, Forest Green, Sand, Desert White, Ox Blood, Olive Green
  • Weights: Kevlar/Cap - 62 lbs., Kevlar/Spectra - 58 lbs., Blue Steel - 52 lbs.
Prospector 17' Canoe
Length: 17'
Beam: 36"
Center Depth: 15"
Bow Depth: 23"
Bow & Stern Rocker: 2"
Weight Capacity: 1200 lbs.
Categories: River Tripping, Expedition, Whitewater
Manufacturer: Nova Craft

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