Flexboat TD-8

Flexboat TD-8
Take this TD-8 out of its bag, lay it flat on the floor, inflate the tubes and in 5 minutes you are ready to go boating. Complete with sturdy fiberglass transom, durable stainless steel U-bolt hook and lifelines surrounding the boat, the TD-8 offers plenty of space for four passengers and comes in a variety of colors.

Boat comes in a bag containing all accessories
Light weight
Flat bottom roll-up boat
Rubber guard set on bottom surface of tubes in the stern area
Fiberglass transom (Fiberglass over naval plywood)
Lifelines on each side of the boat
Slatted fiberglass floor with skid resistant pattern
Hook in the bow area
Two sturdy rope handles covered with protective plastic on transom
Drain valve / drain plug
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