Pond King Pro

Pond King Pro

The Pond King Pro is our original design and still our leading seller. When it debuted in 2002 this boat started turning heads. The Pond King Pro was initially designed to provide private landowners with watershed lakes a durable boat that could stay in the water. Soon we were rigging them with outboard motors and all the extras found on top of the line bass boats. Customers were using our boats on lakes, rivers, sloughs, ocean bays, and ponds. Talk about versatility, the Pond King Pro can been used for fishing, cruising, hunting, swimming, and diving.

The stability of the Pond King Pro is still its number one selling feature. You can stand up and fish or be seated comfortably above the water, either way you can enjoy a full day of fishing out on the lake. Many people that had given up on fishing out of small boats due to their constant instability have found new confidence in the steadiness of the Pond King Pro. This is a boat you can take your Mom, Dad, or children out on without the constant fear that you soon might be fishing them out of the water.

The entire boat is made out of aluminum. It has a welded tubular sub-frame covered by tongue-n-groove aluminum decking with a skid resistant powder coating. The Pond King Pro was built to stay out in the weather and absorb the elements without the need for storage or being covered up. You can buy it for your children, but rest assured your grandchildren will be using it too.

Pond King Pro Features:
  • High-Back Cushion Seats
  • 7" rail system
  • Railing Mounted Pole Holders
  • Below Deck Battery Storage
  • Flush Mounted Cup Holders
  • Add Up to a 15 Hp Outboard
  • Draft Under 9" With 2 People
  • Front Mounted Anchormate With River Anchor (additional anchor available)
  • 6.5' Wide Deck On 13' Pontoons
  • Aluminum Rear Tilted Transom
  • Powder Coated Aluminum Deck
  • Powder Coated Aluminum Railing
  • Front & Rear Trolling Motor Plugs
  • Over 65 Sq. Ft. of Open Deck Space
  • Reinforced Bolted Aluminum Seat Mounts
  • 18" Pontoons Produce a Weight Capacity of 900 lbs.
  • Includes 20-Gallon Aerated Live-well

Payments as low as $120 per month Click Here To Apply
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