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Pelican 15 Canoe Assembled

Pelican 15 Canoe Assembled
Editors Review: The Pelican 15 Canoe is a thermoformed canoe and is thinnest on the bottom. This boat was designed for an aluminum bar to increase rigidity in construction and it does fine as long at the bar doesn't get bent over say rocks in a river. That being said, these are great canoes for summer camps on lakes as they have a recreational style hull with a center keel. If you would like to learn more about canoe construction read our canoe buyers guide.

2014 Pelican 15 Canoe Features:
  • Recreational stability
  • Good tracking performance because of center keel
  • Exclusive impact resistant RAM-X™ hull
  • Three molded bench seats
  • Drink and vertical rod holders
  • Aluminum gunnels with protective sleeves
  • Bow and stern carrying handles
2014 Pelican 15 Canoe
Length: 15' 6"
Beam: 37"
Seats: 3
Weight: 81 lbs.
Max. Capacity: 800 lbs.

2 Year Limited Warranty

*Currently Unavailable
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