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WB202C Pedal Boat Package

WB202C Pedal Boat Package

Editors Review: Brand new as of 2019 aluminum pedal drives. These are painted black so to match boat and cost more. This is an attempt by the factory to come up with a solution to a recent failure in their plastic pedal drives. Unfortunately they aren't holding up as expected as reported by the resort client of ours. Not sure you want to rent pedal boats or not? Want to try it, of course we at we will always say go with commercial quality boats that will last and be less overall cost in the long run. But sometimes start up capital isn't there so you decide to purchase cheaper pedal boats to see if you have a market. A perfectly good choice we understand it... These will last longer than the entry level units but of course they cost more too. The main advantage is the self bailing feature. You can tie these off to the dock and let them get rained on... not so with thermoformed units. To Read Pedal Boat Buyers Guide Click Here

WB202C Standard Features:

  • Innovative seamless rotomolded design
  • Five passengers ride comfortably
  • Ergonomic adjustable lounging seats
  • Functional swim platform with boarding handles
  • Salt Water ready
  • Kick-up rudder
  • Built-in cooler compartment
  • Aluminum tiller
  • The c model boat has a stronger, and more durable crankshaft. It's made out of aluminum as opposed to plastic. The pedals and rudder are still plastic.

    WB202C Pedal Boat Package
    Includes: 5- WB202C Pedal Boats
    Length: 92"
    Width: 62"
    Height: 28"
    Capacity: 720 lbs.
    Weight: 143 lbs.

    Packaging Information: Two Pallets at 95"x60"x70" 340 lbs. and One Pallet at 95"x60"x34" 210 lbs.
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