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WS 200 Double Kayak

WS 200 Double Kayak

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Ideal for beginners and experienced paddlers. Hull buoyancy has been pushed to the outer edges (gunwales) for maximum stability. This provides peace of mind safety when the kids are out playing on the water. This kayak allows two people to paddle.

Stackable, a great convenience when you are storing more than one. Exceptional hull rigidity & straight line performance.

Our unique tunnelled hull outperforms traditional kayaks with exceptional tracking and efficient glide. This simply means you get effortless straight line glide performance that's better than any other kayak in its class; it even comes with two custom made, spooned paddles.

Catamaran Hull

Each hull is uni-molded: no seams means no leaks. The innovative catamaran design ensures trmendous stability in most wave and wind conditions. The unswept bow of the WaterSkate ensures great performance in ovean waves of up to three feet in height. While other kayaks may lose their color and form due to exposure to the sun and salt water, the polyethylene hull of our watercrafts is 100% UV-stable, and 100% salt-water resistant.

Self-Bailing cockpit

In addition, all contaminants thatwould have otherwise been left to fester in the cockpit gte flushed back into thewater leaving our hullsclean and dry. Paddleers will never again have to spend time emptying their cockpit after a large wave or rainstorm.


Durable, body-contoured backrests will provide extracomfort forlong excursions on your Future Beach kayak.

Paddle Blades

Spoon-shaped paddle bladesensure maximum propulsion. The specially molded drip ring at the base ofeach blade protects against splash

Bungee Cord (optional)

Use the optional tie-down bungee cordto take a backpack, a first aid kit or other equipment on your journey.

Storage Hatch (optional)

Use the optional buil-in storage hatch tohold a favorite snack or to keep refreshments cool.

Integrated Handles

Molded-in at both the front and the rear of the kayakare integrated handles for easy hanling or tying off to a dock.
One year warranty
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