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Turbo 202 Pedal Boat

Turbo 202 Pedal Boat

*The left photo above displays the Turbo 202 without a drive system cover.

The first features which can be seen at first glance is its sleek low profile hull design which is significantly LIGHTER than any other human powered boat and also more hydrodynamically stable.

The second feature and very important is its dual independent foot drive system. Now both peddlers can pedal at their own pace, this is unique to the industry.

The third feature is the turbo propulsion disc (TeePeeDee). This new and innovative design replaces in the industry the traditional paddle wheel. Built into the Tee Pee Dee is an anticavitation cylinder which increases hydrodynamic efficiency so when you pedal faster you go faster!!

In additional to the Turbine Propulsion wheel which in its design is more efficient that the regular paddle wheels, we have water claws which can be slipped onto each blade of the TPD. These Water Claws create more efficiency and add to the speed of the Turbo Boat. In the new generation 2008 models there is the steering Handle Adapter which makes it more comfortable for the user on the Turbo Boat.

Turbo 202 Pedal Boat Features:
  • Dual independent drive
  • Removable drive system cover
  • Two door compartment
  • Soft Pedals
  • Multiple chair adjustment
  • Snap lock parts & easy maintenance
Turbo 202 Pedal Boat
Length: 96"
Width: 65"
Weight: 183 lbs.
Weight Capacity: 750 lbs.
Person Capacity: 2
Manufacturer: Reef Boats

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