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Tender Square Stern Wooden Canoe

Tender Square Stern Wooden Canoe

Tender Square Stern Wooden Canoe

The 12’ Tender is a small but versatile “Y-stern” craft designed to be rowed or powered by a small 3HP motor. Its ash skeg keel promotes tracking. A combination of ash trim, mahogany seats, and brass oar sockets create a unique and stunning design.

Age old woodcraft skills of the Native American tribes provide the foundation for the development of the wood canoe. When faced with shortages of Native canoes, resourceful early Americans borrowed heavily from the birchbark canoe construction and design details to develop the first modern wood canoe prototypes. Using woodsense, readily available material and clever ingenuity, they transformed the one-of-a-kind birchbarks into practical crafts that could be readily produced to exacting specifications. In the short 125 years that trace the white man's influence on these canoes, evolution has made them faster, lighter and more durable, but has left intact the fundamental eleganced of the basic design. Built of renewable organic materials, they are durable, easily repaired and built to last a lifetime.

Tender Square Stern Wooden Canoe
Length: 12.5'
Beam: 40.0"
Bow: 22.0"
Mid: 12.0"
Weight: 65 lbs.
Weight Capacity: 625 lbs.
Keel: Standard
Half Ribs: Standard
Material: Wood/Epoxy
Manufacturer: American Traders

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