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Shallow water Inflatable Pools

Shallow water Inflatable Pools

Inflatable pool Activity Center

Ideal for events, FEC’s, Parks, Water Parks, Camping grounds, Rentals, Resorts because of their versatility and mobility.

We offer these professional grade portable inflatable pools that solve any location problems. Easy to setup, sturdy and so functional that one (1) person can handle the entire procedure. You simply choose the suitable location, unroll and inflate. Once inflated, fill it with water to the recommended height and you ready.

Made from PU and polyolefin new age layered materials, it is very strong and will last years.

Number of childrens pedal boat RECOMMENDATIONS:
20'x20'x14" - 4
20'x30'x14" - 6
20'x40'x20" - 9
20'x50'x20" - 12
30'x30'x20" - 9
30'x40'x20" - 12
30'x50'x20" - 15
40'x40'x20" - 16
30'x60'x20" - 16
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