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S-12 Double Ended Canoe

S-12 Double Ended Canoe

S-12 Double Ended Canoe
Item# PSMS-12
Sale Price: $2,219.00
MSRP: $2,999.00

Product Description

Double Ended Canoes are a premier sporting canoe. Unusual stability and safety make this fine canoe excellent for family recreation and they are especially designed for hunting and fishing. Stretch formed out of hardened aircraft aluminum and lined with ethafoam (closed cell polyethylene) they won't sink, and the lining makes the canoe very quiet. . Fully loaded and swamped with water, your Double Ended Canoe will continue to float upright. Swimmers or hunting dogs can climb in from the water and the Double Ended Canoe won't tip. A wide flat bottom coupled with the side ethafoam sponsons makes the Double Ended Canoe virtually untippable.

The Double Ended Canoe was especially designed for fishing and hunting. A duck hunters gun's recoil will not flip the Double Ended Canoe, and his dog can climb in and out for retrieving game. Being very light, it is easy to transport. And, of course, since you virtually cannot sink a Double Ended Canoe, all that valuable gear that sportsmen carry have less chance of accidental loss. Also the canoe design gives you much more room than many duck or layout boats. The Double Ended Canoe is designed to give year round use, adaptable to many sports activities.

S-12 Double Ended Canoe Standard Equipment Includes:
  • 2 paddles
  • 2 stowable foam porta seats
  • 2 side sponson foam collars
  • Carry handles
  • Anchor rope guides
  • 1 set of oar locks
  • Motor Mount
  • Boxed for shipping
    S-12 Double Ended Canoe
    Length: 11' 7"
    Inside Beam: 38"
    Outside Beam: 44"
    Weight: 48 lbs.
    Weight Capacity: 500 lbs.
    Hull: .032
    Max Horse Power: 2 HP

    Although this item comes standard with 2 stow-able foam porta seats, you may choose alternative seating by changing the "Seating" drop down boxes below.

    Estimated Lead Time is 6 to 8 weeks!

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