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Click to enlargeBack Wood 10 Red Canoe w/ Ribs
Length: 9' 8"
Width: 2' x 
Height: 1' 6"
Brand: Backwood Boats
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This 10' (around 300cm) canoe is built from strips of red and yellow Canadian cedar and encapsulated in fiberglass. She weights about 15kgs (33 pounds) and can be carried easily by car to the lake where you can enjoy a smooth ride. This canoe comes with 1 paddle and 1 seat. These ribs just can make the boat look stronger and artful. It was red painted outside. You can carry this on the top of your car for a long journey without being afraid of breaking. Look at the picture, you can see how beautiful she is.

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Red Canoe w/ Ribs
K019 MSRP: $4,438.00Sale Price: $3,643.00

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6 Good Life Vests Package

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