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Rainbow Electric Pedal Boat Package 2

Rainbow Electric Pedal Boat Package 2
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Not Available For 2014

The 2013 Rainbow Electric Pedal Boat can be pedaled or run on its electric motor... the utmost in cruising comfort and so user-friendly children can drive.

A 30 lb. thrust built-in motor provides plenty of power with 5 forward and 2 reverse speeds. Biomechanical research has led to the development of this series of lounging pedal boats. Compared to the competition, the lounging areas are wider, allowing for complete body extension and are designed with smoother angles. The seats adjust to 3 pedaling positions for comfortable pedaling by front passengers. Pelican's exclusive 5 paddle "Power Wheel" paddlewheel puts 3 blades to work in the water at all times... reducing the effort required to pull a paddle up out of the water, minimizing noise and generating momentum.

2013 Rainbow Electric Pedal Boat
Length: 7'7"
Beam: 62"
Weight: 105 lbs.
Seats: 2 Adults & 3 Children
Weight Capacity: 745 lbs. / 211 kg
Canopy Included!

2013 Rainbow Electric Pedal Boat Features:
  • Adjustable and Reclinable Backrest
  • Bow and Stern Carrying Handles
  • Drink Holders
  • Electric Motor with 30 lbs. of Thrust; 5 Forward Speeds and 2 Reverse Speeds
  • 2-Branch Canopy
The Guest 6 Amp charger is ideal for small aluminum fishing boats equipped with a few electronics and a trolling motor connected to a single 12 volt battery. The 6 amp unit is waterproof, shockproof and corrosion-proof, and mounts anywhere. Comes prewired with a 6 ft. AC cord and one 4 ft. DC output cord.

The battery is one of the most important parts of any trolling motor setup. We include top of the line Blue-top Optima 44 lbs. batteries with an option for the 61 lbs. Blue-top Optima battery for even longer use and enjoyment. Optima® batteries provide more usable power, unequaled vibration resistance and the cranking power to start all of today's largest boat engines. Their advanced Spiralcell® technology, made up of high-purity lead plates wound with an electrolyte-absorbing glass mat, provides extremely high power and very low internal resistance.

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