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Pro Strike 126 Mini Pontoon Boat

Pro Strike 126 Mini Pontoon Boat

The Pro Strike 126 is the highest quality mini pontoon boat on the market. Not only is it top on material and construction, but design as well with their new square hybrid pontoons. The pontoons create higher capacity, lower center of gravity and more stability in a smaller area than traditional round pontoons. The flat bottoms of the pontoons allows for more efficient planing (like pair of skis) than traditional round pontoons. This ski type action creates the ability to go faster with a lower horse power outboard or another way to look at it, better fuel economy. And lastly the angled bottom corners of the pontoons allow the boat to create lift. These small aluminum boats are great for a commercial rental situation or a quality minded consumers. The Pro Strike 126 is high quality low maintenance and safe, just tie off to your dock and enjoy. Pictures shown with options!

Pro Strike 126 Mini Pontoon Boat Features:
  • Hybrid square pontoons vs round for superior performance
  • Extremely tough all aluminum welded construction
  • No wood rot free construction (unless optional wood deck ordered)
  • Nonskid diamond plate powder coated aluminum deck
  • Travel down the road (if desired) with seats attached
  • Cool translucent cnc cutout integrated logo in side
  • Super thick 1.5"OD Side Rails not 1" like most competitors
  • Rear and front transom motor mounts for both gas and electric outboards
  • Air pressure checked multi chambered sealed pontoons w/ valves
  • Self bailing boat, no bilge pump needed or trapped water
  • Designed for long life in tough marine environment Wholesale prices and stocking dealerships available.
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