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Pro 120 Ultimate Package

Pro 120 Ultimate Package

Pro 120 hulls are framed with aluminum to prevent flexing and bending in rough water as well as under power. Once the aluminum framing is laid in, a 3/8 sheet of polycarbonate sheeting is riveted over it to create a solid hull that will last a lifetime. Liquid foam cured under pressure is then injected between the polycarbonate sheeting and around the aluminum frame. Once hardened it creates a superstructure that will withstand years of use. Most two man bass boats utilize foam blocks that leave dead airspace and the opportunity to shift causing unbalanced loads that result in poor handling, less capacity and a overall feeling of poor quality.

Pro 120 Fishing Boat Features:
  • Battery compartment(11.5"x24"x10.5"deep)
  • Oarlock sockets
  • Rod holder
  • Anodized aluminum handrails
  • Storage compartments
  • Recessed drink and tackle holders
  • Bow light
  • Pre-wired for electric trolling motor
  • Built-in cooler or storage compartment (Side Compartments 9.5"x14.5"x9"deep)(Center Compartment 11.5"x17"x9.5"Deep)
  • Carpeted casting decks
  • Two swivel seats padded for comfort
  • Aerated livewell(10 gallon capacity measuring 8.5"x24"x10.5"Deep)
  • Protective vinyl rubrail
  • Built-in rear motor mount
  • Four conveniently located mooring cleats
  • Rugged UV-stabilized High Density Polyethylene deck and hull
  • Stable tri-hull design
  • Fuel storage area(21x11.5x9.5)
  • Fused control panel
  • Foam flotation
  • Stern light
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty

Meet the all new Edge, with an ultra-tough, marine-grade anodized aluminum spine and an impact-resistant composite head. Indestructible composite shaft flexes on impact and won't break, kink or corrode. An easy-to-read directional indicator is built into the top of the motor head on Edge foot control models. Edge's foot pedal features ultra-responsive steering and an ergonomic design. 5-Speed. Latch & Door mount. Weedless Wedge 2 prop (Power Prop on Edge 45 models). Features Minn Kota's 2 year warranty.

The charger can be mounted on board and is water proof; you simply plug up and forget until next time you take your boat out. It has a 10-12 hour recharge time for the optima batteries. It has two stages one for charging one for maintaining to fully charge your battery.

Since the battery is the most important component of any eclectic motor package, we exclusively sell the top of the line Optima series batteries. The 60 lbs. battery offers over 2 hours of operation. This battery has a 3 year warranty.

This Multi Use Boat Trailer ships to your door by UPS Ground (not Common Carrier like most Boats!) and is designed for easy assembly using common tools. Includes everything you need to carry a small boat, inflatable or PWC up to about 12' long. Its galvanized steel frame is built strong and has an ample 800lb.capacity. Includes DOT approved lights, 5' adjustable carpeted bunk boards with dual supports, winch stand, winch with strap, 4.80x8 tires, hitch coupler with safety chains. The bunks can be attached either front to back or side to side allowing this trailer to carry a multitude of different boats or even bikes. FULL ASSEMBLY IS REQUIRED!

Limited quantities available! This factory is going out of business. Boats will be sold "as is" and there will be no warranty!
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