Angler 113 Electric Package

Angler 113 Electric Package

The 2020 Angler 113 Fishing Boat hulls are framed with aluminum to prevent flexing and bending in rough water as well as under power. Once the aluminum framing is laid in, a 3/8 sheet of polycarbonate sheeting is riveted over it to create a solid hull that will last a lifetime. Liquid foam cured under pressure is then injected between the polycarbonate sheeting and around the aluminum frame. Once hardened it creates a superstructure that will withstand years of use. Most two man bass boats utilize foam blocks that leave dead airspace and the opportunity to shift causing unbalanced loads that result in poor handling, less capacity and a overall feeling of poor quality.

2020 Angler 113 Fishing Boat Features:
  • Battery compartment(11.5"x24"x10.5"deep)
  • Oarlock sockets
  • Rod holder
  • Anodized aluminum handrails
  • Storage compartments
  • Recessed drink and tackle holders
  • Bow light
  • Pre-wired for electric trolling motor
  • Built-in cooler or storage compartment (Side Compartments 9.5"x14.5"x9"deep)(Center Compartment 11.5"x17"x9.5"Deep)
  • Carpeted casting decks
  • Two swivel seats padded for comfort
  • Aerated livewell(10 gallon capacity measuring 8.5"x24"x10.5"Deep)
  • Protective vinyl rubrail
  • Built-in rear motor mount
  • Four conveniently located mooring cleats
  • Rugged UV-stabilized High Density Polyethylene deck and hull
  • Stable tri-hull design
  • Fuel storage area(21x11.5x9.5)
  • Fused control panel
  • Foam flotation
  • Stern light
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty
    With the many choices of trolling motors, chargers, ect... our engineers designed our standard package with best overall value in mind. This is a 12V fresh water package that is ideal for many of the small boats we offer and for most situations. Ask your salesman if you are not sure this package is right for your boat.

    Endura C2 is the legendary performer that's built to explore, built to last and backed up with our two-year warranty. Our lever lock bracket delivers a rock-solid mount that's stronger than conventional brackets. Special composite materials resist flexing, warping and UV damage. Pound for pound, our composite shaft is stronger than steel. It flexes on impact and will not break, kink or corrode. Endura C2 features an ergonomic, six-inch telescoping handle for the most comfortable steering available. Cool, quiet power. Power prop. 5-forward / 3-reverse speeds

    The Guest 6 Amp charger is ideal for small fishing boats equipped with a few electronics and a trolling motor connected to a single 12 volt battery. The 6 amp unit is waterproof, shockproof and corrosion-proof, and mounts anywhere. Comes prewired with a 6 ft. AC cord and one 4 ft. DC output cord. Either run power out to your boat to charge or keep in your storage area to charge, either way waterproof electronics means it will hold up. This charger should charge your battery overnight allowing you to go fishing everyday if you want to.

    The battery is an important part of your fishing or boating experience. With a bad one, you will be up the creek without a motor. Our engineers have found the perfect unit for lower cost but high value in the demanding small boat outdoor environment. Our lightweight sealed AGM batteries will allow you to transport your battery easily back and forth from your boat to your storage facility without worry. Each battery comes with it's own handle, some strap like, some hard plastic allowing you to hold it with one hand. It will last hours and hours in use with the motors listed in this package. The charger chosen is perfect for keeping your battery working a long time with hundreds of recharges.

    Limited quantities available! This factory is going out of business. Boats will be sold "as is" and there will be no warranty!
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