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<font size="20">Pirate Ship Pedal Boat</font>
Optional Motor!
Seats: 3
Length: 8'
Width: 5'
Weight: 165 lbs.
Draft at 600 lbs.: 11'
Height w/o Mast: 40"
Height w/ Mast: 81"
Material: Fiberglass
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<b><font size="26">NOT AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE!</b></font>

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Aaargh! Have more fun in this Pirate Ship paddleboat with real rigging and crowsnest. Consider it for your resort, theme park or campground, along with the other unique pedal boats offered by DirectBoats.com

Pirate Ship Pedal Boat Standard Features:
  • Colored gel in fiberglass for low maintenance
  • Carries up to 600 lbs in water as shallow as 2' deep
  • Cranks and steering assembly are mounted on heavy real bearings and are made of heavy-duty steel (stainless steel optional)
  • Strong 4-blade, direct driven aluminum paddlewheel is mounted on heavy ball bearings
  • Protective bumper runs all the way around sides to prevent damage when docking
  • Rudder folds for less risk of damage
  • Foam Flotation inside the rear of the boat Self Bailing Upgrade: When using the boat insert the supplied drain plugs into the drain holes to prevent water to enter the crank well during usage. When the boat is not in use, "parked " at your dock remember to take the drain plugs out so the rain water can drain into the lake (pond).

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    Pirate Ship Pedal Boat
    Extra Long Life Automotive Paint: 
    Canvas Seat Opening Cover: 
    Electric Motor Package: 
    Salt Water Package: 
    Painted Crank Well: 
    Thicker Hull: 

  • Pirate In Action 1
    Pirate In Action 2
    Pirate In Action 1

    Pirate In Action 2

    Pirate Interior
    Pirate Ship Pedal Boat Color Options
    Pirate Interior

    Pirate Ship Pedal Boat Color Options

    Pirate Ship Pedal Boat Container
    Pirate Ship Pedal Boat Container

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