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Wonder Outfitter Class Kayak

Wonder Outfitter Class Kayak

Wonder Outfitter Class Kayak
Sale Price: $1,149.00
MSRP: $1,225.00

Product Description

Wonder Outfitter Class Kayak Features:
  • Generous cockpit opening that allows comfortable paddling in all weather and water conditions
  • Very deep kayak accommodates heavier paddlers or those with longer legs
  • Adjustable padded seat
  • Adjustable footstops
  • Shock cord rigging, handles and stainless steel security rings on bow and stern decks
  • Unique paddle park attachment on bow deck
  • Bow and Stern hatches with sealed bulkheads
  • Recessed drop down rudder with full footstop control
  • Greenland hull design with upswept bow and stern provides excellent tracking and stability

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