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Kiwi Lobo Kayak 6 Pack

Kiwi Lobo Kayak 6 Pack

Item# KWLK6P
Sale Price: $4,999.00
MSRP: $5,699.00

Product Description

The mother of modern day white water kayaks, Kiwi brand has been a solid force in the world of kayaks since the 60's.

Kiwi Lobo Kayak 6 Pack Features:
  • A slight V-bottom design which makes it fast and nimble.
  • For recreational use in lakes, or river rapids.
  • Adjustable seat back and foot braces.
  • Molded-in handles let you chain it up, tie it down, or carry it with ease.
    Boat Specifications:
    Length: 9'2"
    Width: 28"
    Depth: 12"
    Weight: 37lbs
    Weight Capacity: 6'6", 275lbs

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