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This is a direct response to a closed thread on our competitors web site, Whats weird is it a very current one, why close it? They are possibly guilty of libel because they allow untrue threads to be posted on their website about our company without allowing us to respond by closing the thread. This is our rebuttal to the forum that they are in control of. We will re-post the thread and point out the problems with it. We will be sending a legal complaint to them to get them to stop this practice, but while we wait for slow lawyers here is our response.

This is the thread posted by and the "phantom Customer" Our response will be in brackets to each error. complaints

There was another thread about in another forum on this website. I will start it back up here where it belongs. (not sure what forum he was referencing?) Although they carry several, the brand I ordered from the company is Bassmaster, the model is a Bass Baby. (not sure about that, the boat mold was originally built by connect a dock, then purchased by bass hunter boats, sometimes, boats are built for us to exclusively sell them with a different name on them, in this case as far as the name here is the link to the item I have not received my boat yet, however I FINALLY have a tracking number. I was to be called back several times by the company, but never was. (we never promise to call back our customers, only the freight carrier is to call when it at your nearest terminal, the day before delivery) They didn't even return a call about shipping costs, (the shipping costs are posted on our web site on this boat? it's currently 99 dollars to the continental US, it has always been that much, maybe he was talking about another boat quote?) when I was inquiring and I hadn't even purchased it yet, I was just curious! I should have seen the red flag. (you didn't see the 99 dollars shipping cost?) I ordered on the 13th and it shipped on the 22nd. (on the short time of the lead time posted of one to two weeks? So no problem with shipping) However, they must have crappy communication with the factory, because when I finally got a tracking number and the name of the carrier, the boat had already went to 2 cities and is now in transit to the next terminal. That was the 26th. So for 5 days, they couldn't tell me where my boat was or even if it had been shipped. (did we promise a tracking number? we are not the carrier, or the factory, only promise you will get a great boat at a great price, maybe because we answer the phone and say we will try to get a tracking number for you if you ask for one we are to blame, I admit, we shouldn't have tried to help maybe, most people appreciate it.) Also they said they shipped the oar brackets and oar locks separate from the boat. No tracking number. (boat manufacturers sometimes make mistakes and run out of their supplies, they don't build oar locks and brackets, were they late on getting those to you, I doubt it, they probably went to an extra expense to get them to you in a hurry.) I did more research and found out that there are other places to buy my boat. Some dealerships exist as well.(So that is our fault to, yes we have competitors, didn't we have the best price, did we charge sales tax, didn't you get a new one in a box instead of an older one that has been climbed on by a bunch of snotty nosed kids?) I WILL say that the reviews on this boat are outstanding. Out of about 20 reviews, only one person had a bad one, (watch out on those ratings, many times they are ratings posted paid advertisers, your better off to study the boats, and ask knowledgeable sales people or read, like on our web site the buyers guides, not to say that the competing boat manufacturer may not post something negative, just simply saying watch out banking on product ratings) but after reading his post, I think he was a bit rough on the product. (how do you know, you haven't gotten it yet, well... we don't sell cheap Chinese imports, and all manufacturers we sell are USCG approved and US liability insured) I believe the quality of the boat will be great, I just went through the wrong distributor. (why? because this is posted by our competitor In conclusion, I haven't found anything good about this company posted on the internet, (did you really look?, or do people just complain online, we don't pay companies to give us fake positive ratings, they call all the time and ask us to pay them, we have rejected this concept but our competitors have not, this partially how we keep our prices down.) except testimonials on their website. All I have found are complaints. (where did you find these complaints, were they valid, where are they? only on I assume, if this is even a customer.)

(So in summary if this is a customer, the boat was ordered got there on time, a couple of parts were short and shipped UPS, but got there timely, the boat was of great quality... got a tracking number issued from us, also should have had a call from the freight carrier, always got people on the phone, even in the on-season, got a great price, we don't usually get beat on that. Seriously what is the problem, aren't you now happily catching fish?)

( if you didn't post this, the unlock this very current thread so we can reply or better yet remove it, if your going to compete with us don't commit libel by posting only untrue complaints and restrict rebuttals from our customers, or us.)
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