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Assembled Admiral's Line H.M.S. Soverign

Assembled Admiral's Line H.M.S. Soverign
HMS Sovereign Of The Seas - At the time of her construction, The Sovereign Of The Seas was considered to be a masterpiece. With a keel length of 127 Feet, a height of 75 feet, and an overall length of 215 feet, she was far and away the largest and most powerful ship in the world. Charles I of England gave the order to build her in 1634. Her completion required the labors of over a thousand craftsmen for three years. In 1637, she sailed with a crew of 800 men, and her 104 guns could fire a broadside of almost two tons of metal. In her first naval engagement in 1652, The Sovereign Of The Seas sank a Dutch Warship with a single broadside. For 60 years she ruled the seas Unmatched.

These ships are 100% scratch built, put together piece by piece, similar to an actual ship. There are no model kits used here. The wood is cut from trees. All ships are Plank on Frame construction (hollow hulls). Ribs on the inside, piece by piece form the hull and deck. If you look closely, you can see the nails used to secure the strips of wood to the internal ribs. Some Admiral's line ships utilize double plank on frame construction. Wood is cut piece by piece and put over the base of the ship's hull to the water line. It's a lot of work and a fantastic look. The lines on the ships are working lines. They can be tightened and loosened. The Admiral's line ship's sails can be furled or unfurled by tracing each working line, though this is not recommended unless you are an avid model builder. Appreciate the rigging, the stitching on the sails, and the fantastic craftsmanship. Each ship comes with a solid wooden stand and a brass nameplate. Every ship comes with her history printed on antiqued paper along with a stand to display beside the ship. The ships are imported from all over the world from master craftsman who specialize in model boat building.

Admiral's Line H.M.S. Soverign
Length: 42"
Width: 14"
Height: 37"
Manufacturer: Old World Trading Co.

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