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HiFly Primo 335

HiFly Primo 335

The first step to windsurfing.

Nearly every surfer knows the Primo and likes to think back to their first hours of windsurfing with this forgiving and topple-safe board. For years the Primo has been a successful school board and therefore is used in nearly all modern schools. With this Easy-Surfing-Concept Hifly has set benchmarks with modern schooling methods. Introduction, with all the basic techniques of windsurfing, is greatly simplified enabling an easy step further to smaller boards.

The Primo is the most successful school board of all time and the ultimate board for learning to windsurf the easy way. This board simplifies all aspects of learning to windsurf, teaching the basics and giving someone the skills to windsurf for life!

Thanks to its width - 78 cm - the Primo is very stable and very easy to learn on. With a volume of 240 litres, it works for light weights and heavy weights. The board's stability allows you to devote all your concentration to steering with the sail and this, along with its short fin, means that your first turns happen almost automatically. Just try it!

Standard Features

  • Straps
  • Powerbox fin
  • Lifetime limited warranty

    Hifly Primo 335 Sail Board
    Length: 11' 0"
    Width: 30.7 in.
    Weight: 43.7 lbs
    Construction: PP x-tech
    Finbox: US-box
    Fin: Primo 26 cm
    Shaper: C. Patterson
    Characteristic: All around
    Manufacturer: HiFly

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