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Fusion Pedal Boat- 4 Pack

Fusion Pedal Boat- 4 Pack
*Not available for purchase!
We are excited to introduce the brand new hybrid pedal boat, the Fusion. Get the best of both worlds with lower cost one piece plastic sealed pontoons fused with a high quality fiberglass deck. This boat is designed to be lighter weight, faster, higher capacity, more stable, more durable components than the competition. Featuring; Commercial grade solid stainless steel pedal drive, Stainless steel rudder assembly, Thick Polyethylene kick up rudder for beaching, rotomolded sealed polyethylene pontoons, low center of gravity for extra stability, extra wide bench seating to accommodate all guests.

Fusion Pedal Boat - 4 Pack
Self Bailing Boat
Sealed Pontoons
Length: 10'
Width: 6'
Seating: 4 Adults
Weight Capacity Approximately 800-900 lbs.
Weight Estimate: 190 lbs.

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