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Coleman Motion 5 Pedal Boat

Coleman Motion 5 Pedal Boat
A best seller world wide. The key feature is the unique seating configuration allowing the rider to push forward on the pedal instead of downward, resulting in greater comfort and pedaling efficiency. Exceptional speed, maneuverability, handling and stability.

- Extra large bumper
- Grooved pontoons minimize side slipping
- Five paddle "Power Wheel" puts three paddles to work in the water at all times...reducing the effort required to pull a paddle up out of the water, minimizing noise, and generating momentum
- Unique 90 degree angle crankshaft provides more power to initiate movement and wastes less energy while trying to reach maximum speeds
SEATS: Adjustable seat backs allows children/smaller people to pedal efficiently and comfortably
- Contoured child seats
- The cooler lids are sturdy enough to walk on
- Fore and aft carrying handles for convenient transportation and mooring

-Four year limited extended warranty

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