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Skipper 20' Container Load

Skipper 20' Container Load

Sale Price: $20,183.00
MSRP: $29,999.00

Product Description

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The Skipper lives up to it's name. It takes command when it comes to space and comfort for up to four full-size adults. The other boats pretend they have the space this boat has. The front seats are comfortable and adjustable for any size adult so they can reach the pedals. The light weight of this boat also makes it a joy to pedal...even when two are just along for the ride.

Skipper Pedal Boat Features:
  • Large 4-Seater pedal boat
  • Both front and rear handles
  • 2 forward adjustable comfortable seats
  • High quality non-slip sand-like finish
  • Spacious molded rear seats
  • Lightweight relative to the size boat
  • Tough rubber bumper for docking
  • Large center-mounted storage box/cooler
  • Available in Yellow, Blue, Lilac, Aqua, Green
  • 3 year warranty on hull, deck, and parts

    Skipper Pedal Boat Standard Equipment:
  • Sealed hull and deck
  • 6 paddle blades - more torque per revolution vs. competition's 4 or 5 blades
  • Sealed ball bearings - for quiet, smooth operation
  • Joy-stick steering
  • Positive buoyancy
  • Includes 14 Skipper Pedal Boats

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