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Captain Pedal Boat 6 Pack

Captain Pedal Boat 6 Pack

Captain Pedal Boat 6 Pack
Item# capebo6pa1
Sale Price: $6,347.00
MSRP: $7,299.00

Product Description

The Captain Pedal boat puts you in fun places. The Captain offers a removable center seat back that allows for three people to sit in the front of the paddle boat (not shown in picture but included). This will allow you to have one, two or three paddlers. For instance if you go out by yourself, sit in the center and this will keep the boat from listing right or left. The cooler area is great for bringing a drink with you or just to throw some gear into. Captain is known for value down to the ball bearings that make pedal boating fun, quiet and smooth.

Captain Pedal Boat 6 Pack Features: Large 2 or 3 seater
Molded seating with removable center seat
Storage box/cooler

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