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Retail Boat Financing

Before proceeding, it's important to determine the required budget for your purchase. Begin by selecting the desired boat, motor, and trailer, taking into account any additional costs such as freight and optional features. Remember to include essential starter kits containing dock lines, life jackets, and other necessary items.

Please note that at DirectBoats.com, financing options are available for boats priced at $5,000 or above. For boats priced below this minimum, we recommend using credit cards for the purchase.

Since our boats are custom-built, serial numbers are typically assigned upon completion rather than at the time of order placement. While we strive to secure serial numbers in advance, it depends on the specific manufacturing facility. Rest assured that all finalized paperwork will be promptly sent to the finance company after the boat is shipped.

Click Here For Boat Loan Application

Click Here For Boat Loan Application

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