Retail Boat Financing

Retail Boat Financing
First find out how much money you need. Pick out which boat, motor and trailer you want and see how much it is with freight and options. Don't forget the starter kits with dock line life jackets, etc...

Second, decide who to borrow the money from, one choice is an unsecured loan on your own credit card or you can follow the link to this company Get the LOAN that is RIGHT for YOU!

Another choice is a secured loan, meaning the boat is the collateral. Your local bank is a starting point, however many of them don't understand We build boats to order therefore serial numbers are sometimes hard to come by on the front side of the transaction. Most serial numbers are assigned the day they are completed not ordered. Sometimes we can get a serial number in advance, it just depends on the plant ordered from.

A second secured loan location is outboard engine companies. Currently Honda motors is offering boat loans on boats purchased with their motors. Honda Boat Motor Trailer financing

After you receive your approval, you can speed your order up by giving us a call immediately (1-229-924-8155) so we can work on getting your boat built and shipped to you.

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