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Assembled Admiral's Line Bluenose Model boat

Assembled Admiral's Line Bluenose Model boat

Bluenose - Fishermen have always been proud of the superiority of their craft. Since the middle of the 19th century, owners of fishing schooners have engaged in keen rivalry to prove their mettle by racing for the Thomas Lipton trophy. Over the years this contest turned into Canadian-American rivalry. The Bluenose, of Halifax, carried a sailors nickname for men and boats hailing from Nova Scotia. She was the outstanding champion on the Canadian side. The schooner Bluenose was built in Nova Scotia in 1921 to fish the rough waters off the coast of Newfoundland. A salt banker type, she stayed out until her holds were full of fish, using salt to preserve her catch. During prohibition, she was used as a rumrunner. The Bluenose was lost off Haiti in 1946.

These ships are 100% scratch built, put together piece by piece, similar to an actual ship. There are no model kits used here. The wood is cut from trees. All ships are Plank on Frame construction (hollow hulls). Ribs on the inside, piece by piece form the hull and deck. If you look closely, you can see the nails used to secure the strips of wood to the internal ribs. Some Admiral's line ships utilize double plank on frame construction. Wood is cut piece by piece and put over the base of the ship's hull to the water line. It's a lot of work and a fantastic look. The lines on the ships are working lines. They can be tightened and loosened. The Admiral's line ship's sails can be furled or unfurled by tracing each working line, though this is not recommended unless you are an avid model builder. Appreciate the rigging, the stitching on the sails, and the fantastic craftsmanship. Each ship comes with a solid wooden stand and a brass nameplate. Every ship comes with her history printed on antiqued paper along with a stand to display beside the ship. The ships are imported from all over the world from master craftsman who specialize in model boat building.

Admiral's Line Bluenose Model Boat
Length: 35"
Height: 35"
Width: 6"

Manufacturer: Old World Trading Co.

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