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Beavertail 13 HP Mud Motor

Beavertail 13 HP Mud Motor

13 HP Vanguard Marine - Straight Forward and Capable
The 13 HP Vanguard is a very capable and easy to operate motor that really delivers. It's an excellent motor for small to medium jons, and is also available in a lightweight aluminum framed model for use on sneak boats.

Engine Type
13 HP Vanguard Marine
Electric start / Backup pull start
479 cc

Drive Train
Exclusive, patent pending, stainless steel removable bearing assemblies. Upper and lower stainless removable caps and housings. Polished, ground, balanced and electroless nickel plated drive shaft.

Uni-seamless Frame
Exclusive, seamless, robotics welded, hardened steel frame. All frame parts CNC milled and laser cut for alignment accuracy.

Unit comes with the exclusive Performance Series X 8x4 prop. Stainless steel and built with cad/cam computer technology for precision accuracy. Super weedless, heavy cupped.

Weight (approx.)
Standard model 145 lbs.

Tail shaft swings into the boat. Exclusive 360-degree swivel with true safety stop spring pin (safety stop spring pin available on steel model only).* Rubber mounted, engine adjustment bolts for motor trimming capabilities.

Boat Recommendation
This motor is very versatile. We've used it on everything from large sneak boats to flat jons. Perfect for one to two people and equipment. The best boat lengths for the standard 13 HP motor are 14' to 16'. Beavertail's Performance Pods make a world of difference with this motor. The aluminum frame 13 is great for larger sneak boats. This motor will do most everything the big motors, but will also save you some money.

Flat finish marine powder coat (Olive Drab). All units come with zinc rich undercoat primer powder coat.

*360 degree swivel feature on all aluminum frame models works only on boats with straight transoms.

Does not include fuel tank!
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