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Aluminum Boat Dolly

Aluminum Boat Dolly

Item# SLAL001
Sale Price: $319.00
MSRP: $399.00

Product Description

Exclusively sold by DirectBoats.com the aluminum strap on dolly is easy to use, lightweight and strong. It is small enough to take with you and help you get down to the shore's edge if your bringing your small boat by truck or roof top. Simply lift the back or front of boat, put dolly under and strap. Now lift the other side of the boat and move it around like a wheel barrel. Works with most small boats. If not offered in the drop down box on the specific boat you want, we have not verified that it will work with that particular boat. It basically needs a way for strap not to slide off the rear or front of the boat. Some boats, have a sloped rear deck that will not hold the strap. It can work with some kayaks or canoes, if they are wide in the back so when you lift the front it does not hit the ground. Example would be a wide square stern canoe. Some people even buy two dollies, one for front and one for back, then push the boat.

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