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6.5 HP Vanguard Mud Motor

6.5 HP Vanguard Mud Motor

6.5 HP VANGUARD - The lightweight champ
The 6.5 HP is smallest in the Beavertail line. It's the lightest motor on the market, making it the ideal choice for applications where you want to keep weight to a minimum. But despite its lightweight status, it delivers big on performance.

Engine Type
6.5 HP Vanguard All Aluminum (Super-Lite Series)
Electric start / Backup pull start
205 cc

Drive Train
Exclusive, patent pending, stainless steel removable bearing assemblies. Upper and lower stainless removable caps and housings. Polished, ground, balanced and electroless nickel plated drive shaft.

Uni-seamless Frame
Exclusive, seamless, robotics welded, aluminum frame. All frame parts CNC milled and laser cut for alignment accuracy.

Weight (approx.)
70 lbs.

Tailshaft swings into the boat. Exclusive 360-degree swivel. Rubber mounted, engine adjustment bolts for motor trimming capabilities.

Boat Recommendation
The 6 HP Beavertail is the smallest in the beavertail line. It's the perfect choice for sneak boats and flat back canoes.

Unit comes with the exclusive Performance Series X 7x4 prop. Stainless steel and built with cad/cam computer technology for precision accuracy. Super weedless, heavy cupped.

Flat finish marine powder coat (Olive Drab). All units come with zinc rich undercoat primer powder coat.

*360 degree swivel feature on all aluminum frame models works only on boats with straight transoms.

Does not include fuel tank!
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