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Toughweld 4-8 place kayak trailer

Toughweld 4-8 place kayak trailer

Item# TW-48PKT
Sale Price: $2,949.00
MSRP: $3,539.00
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Product Description

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Tough Weld Trailers offers a fully assembled hot dipped galvanized place kayak trailer designed for the commercial rental market. The bottom two rows are "low profile" means it is easier to put kayaks on, you should not have to climb the trees if you are a average height man. The top row may require some ladders or nimble climbers to put the top kayaks on. The 18-24 kayaks means that it depends on the thickness of your kayaks and shape as to how many fit. These trailers are manufactured and shipped from Georgia. With nearly everything welded this trailer is sure to last in a tough outdoor commercial use environment. The all tubular construction makes the 2"x3" cross arms strong enough to climb or simply hold a heavy load. The 7 degree angle on the arms keeps kayaks on their sides while you load the next one. All bolts have a tendency to stretch over time, so eliminate as many as possible with a tough weld trailer. Check any bolts w/ regular maintenance checks. At 14'5" this trailer is easy to turn and park. Please note, if buying bow storage box and you have kayaks over 20' please use either the top rack or outside edges of bottom rack, or push the kayak off center to the back more.
Trailer Specifications:
Fully Assembled
Length: 14'5"
Width: 6'6"
Height: 7'2"
Height between arms: adjustable
Shown w/ Options
Brand: ToughWeld

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