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Gas Powered 2.5 HP Trolling Motor w/ Cover

Gas Powered 2.5 HP Trolling Motor w/ Cover

This outboard delivers approx. 90-100lbs thrust. Will move a 14' Day Sailor 1000lbs at medium speed for a reasonable distance providing a distance does not exceed 2 miles without allowing the engine to rest 3-5 minutes to allow the engine to cool down completely.

This outboard is a trolling gas engine and is designed to propel a boat through the water intermittently.

Built To Last!

Meets CARB TIER II: EPA stringent exhaust emission regulations.
Anti-Vibration System: To isolate tiller handle from engine housing.
Ergonomically Friendly: The tiller handle has a built in throttle control, kill switch, isolating bushings to alleviate wrist fatigue while under way, plus a special feature “Lock In Trolling” mode for slow cruising.
Centrifugal Clutch: Built to last, designed with steel friction pads, opposed to wearable fibrous type.
Clutch Housing: Hardened steel, heatproof bearings with side shields prevent moisture and corrosion.
Propeller: Made of polypropylene, resist damage caused by rocks and shells.
Drive Shaft: Hardened chromoly steel, solid 7mm splined shaft on both ends for precision connection to the lower gear prop and clutch housing
CDI: Coil specifically designed to emit high voltage to the spark plug, which allows for easy engine starting.
Muffler: Heavy steel gauge, glass packed, internal double noise dampening plate baffles, designed to improve annoying tinning muffler sound often found on 2 and 4 stroke air cooled engines.
Air filter: We’ve included a plastic baffle between the carburetor air intake and air filter cover, this reduces engine noise and helps in preventing moisture from entering gas chamber and fouling spark plug.
Cooling System: Engine is equipped with additional cooling fins on the fly wheel to further dissipate heat from the cylinder head allowing the engine to run cooler.
Gas Tank: Built with a safety release valve when closed, it also allows for secure transport, preventing accidental spills. Capacity - 27oz.
Lower Gear Case: Packed with waterproof marine grease in place of gear oil, this allows it last for the life of the outboard, without replacement or maintenance.
Shaft: Outer housing and gear case are made of aluminum and are powdered coated to withstand salt and brackish waters.
Shaft Housing: Solid chromoly shaft is supported by five bushings to minimize vibration, warping, lashing as well as wear and tear.
Motor Mount: Strong lightweight universal mount, allows for tilt and trim as well as height adjustment for running in shallow water.*
Shaft: *Custom extended shafts, are available upon request, at additional costs.
Assembly: Outboard is shipped 98% assembled, and includes a tool kit.

Gas Powered 2.5 HP Trolling Motor w/ Cover Specifications:
    Engine: 55cc's 2.5 HP
    Weight: 18 lbs*
    Speed: 4-5 mph /6-7 km
    Shaft Adjustable
    Range: 16" to 25"
    Trolling Modes: 5 Tilting Options
    Engine Type: 2 Cycle
    Carburation: Primer Bulb Pulsating
    Starting System: Recoil
    Coil Type: CDI
    Safety Switch: Remote Kill Switch
    Fuel Mix: 24:1
    Fuel Tank Capacity: 27 oz
    Engine Make: BridgeStone
    Drive System: Forward / Automatic Neutral
    Clutch Type: Centrifugal Dry Pads
    Cooling System: Air Cooled
    Exhaust System: Air Vented
    RPM Range: 2700 - 6000
    Idle Speed in Forward: 800-1050
    Turn Radius 360 Degree
    Shaft Type: Solid
    Propeller Type: Composite
    Housing Material: Marine Grade Aluminum
* Not for sale in the state of California.
* Colors may vary.
* Metal weights may vary from finished product to finished product; therefore there may be a weight difference of 2 lbs. - 4 lbs.

*This product is currently unavailable.
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