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24-32 Aluminum Kayak Trailer

24-32 Aluminum Kayak Trailer

Item# TW1256fs-500
Sale Price: $10,749.00
MSRP: $11,599.00

Product Description

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New (picture of smaller kayak trailer shown) 24-32 low profile kayak trailer aluminum tandem torsion axle design by Toughweld Trailers. The frame is larger and thicker than picture shown. Designed to carry as many and long as 32, 13 foot long kayaks or 16 12' and 16 14' units, depending on the thickness of the kayaks. The bars are 100" wide with a 4" post in the middle meaning, 48" per section. So if your kayaks are 12" thick or nest-able at 12" or less, you can get all 32 kayaks on the trailer. If you kayaks are thicker than that, say 15" thick, you can only get 24 kayaks on the trailer. The trailer is designed as a low profile unit, meaning no third row on top way out of reach. The second row should be accessible if the operators have a long enough vertical reach and are not short. Even if you are short, a small step per side can be used, not a taller ladder as in the case of a third row unit. If you add long paddle storage boxes under the bottom row, the height of the trailer will get taller by a few more inches. If you do want a third row, these are built to order and we can accommodate that, just ask us for the additional cost when you call. If you added a third row the kayak trailer can hold as much as 48 kayaks but ladders or good climbers will be needed. We also have a new aluminum advertising sign available as optional for the top of the Low Profile trailers.
Trailer Specifications:
NEW 24-32 Aluminum Kayak Trailer
Picture of 18-24 unit
Low Profile Design
Fully assembled
Approximately 27' long
and 7'9" Tall
Tandem Torsion Axles
Brand: Tough Weld

Estimated Lead Time is 6 to 8 weeks!

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