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Syncro 2 Towable

Syncro 2 Towable

Face it, your driver has it in for you. If you are ready to level the playing field all you really need is an open platform Syncro 2 and the right attitude. Syncro 2 means pure adrenaline-pumping action and high performance, either lying down or kneeling. EVA knuckle guards protect sensitive areas. Built-in side wings smooth the ride and keep up to two riders in control no matter how extreme the whip or how high the air.

SYNCRO 2 Features

Rapid Inflate Valve This unique valve system offers the best possible combination of high air volume and ease of use.

EVA Rash Guard Soft, forgiving protection against abrasion provided for knees, knuckles and other sensitive areas.

QuickConnect Towing Attachment Makes connecting to the tow rope extremely quick, easy and safe.

FullWrap Cover Offers the security and stability of a polyester cover wrapping completely around the inflatable for higher performance.

Web Seam All Aquaglide high performance towables include 360 degree webbing-reinforced main seams for years of trouble-free use.

UltraWing Features beveled side wings for maximum stability and performance over waves and wakes.

Infinite I-Beam Unique construction with no I-Beam ends. Provides unrivalled durability for high-performance tubes.

1 Year Aquaglide towables are the best in the business. We proudly offer a 1 Year warranty against manufacturing defects
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