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Click to enlarge<font size="20">2016 Santee 116 Sport Kayak</font>
Length: 11' 6"
Width: 28"
Depth: 11"
Capacity: 300 lbs.
Weight: 35 lbs. 
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So when you’ve got the best in-class recreational kayak, what do you do next? Well, you think. (We do a lot of thinking at Hurricane. Serious contemplation.) And here’s what we think: Recreational means a lot of different things to different paddlers. For some folks, recreational means accessories. And accessories need space. So we took the Santee 116 and upsized it. We put some serious cubic inches in the cockpit and voila… the Santee 116 Sport! A recreational kayak that gives you room for tackle boxes and rod tubes and dry bags and perhaps the family mutt, appropriately clad in a doggie PFD of course. In addition to the extra space in the cockpit, the Santee 116 Sport also features sealed bulkheads, both forward and aft. And at 35 pounds, you ain’t sacrificing performance for extra space. The 116 Sport still cuts a speedy path across the water.

Santee 116 Sport Kayak Features:
  • Cockpit Size: 55" x 24"
  • Bulkheads: Bow & Stern
  • Hatches: Bow & Stern
  • Deck Rigging: Stern
  • Seat & Outfitting: NEW AireStream Seat
Key to Ideal Use
1 = Quiet lakes and rivers
2 = Day touring quiet coastal waters and larger lakes
3 = Coastal waters, day trips, overnight tripping

Santee 116 Sport Kayak

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