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Gas Powered 2.0 HP Trolling Motor

Gas Powered 2.0 HP Trolling Motor

These two stroke trolling engines are air cooled, compact,weigh just 16lbs, and pack a powerful 2HP.

They're equipped with a forward and neutral drive system. Their application is perfect to propel 2 to 3 people or 400lbs at 4-5km (3-4mph).

Maintenance is easey, simply wash the lower end with fresh water when you're done fishing. No need to desalinate it, since it has no water cooling mechanism to errod its internal components.

Whether, fishing in the shallows, canals, beaches, rivers, lakes, bayous or large ponds, you can depend on it for years of service.

Gas Powered 2.0 HP Trolling Motor Specifications:
    Engine: 49cc's 2 HP
    Weight: 18 lbs*
    Speed: 3-5 mph
    Shaft: Adjustable
    Range: 16" to 25"
    Trolling Modes: 5 Tilting Options
    Engine Type: 2 Cycle
    Carburetion: Primer Bulb-Pulsating
    Starting System: System Recoil
    Coil Type: CDI
    Safety Switch: Remote Kill Switch
    Fuel Mix: 24:1
    Fuel Tank Capacity: 32oz / 1.0L
    Engine Make: BridgeStone
    Drive System: Forward /Automatic Neutral
    Clutch Type: Centrifugal Dry Pads
    Cooling System: Air Cooled
    RPM Range: 2400 - 5000
    Turn Radius: 360 Degree
    Shaft Type: Solid
    Propeller Type: Composite
    Housing Material: Marine Grade Aluminum
* Metal weights may vary from finished product to finished product; therefore there may be a weight difference of 2 lbs. - 4 lbs.

*This product is currently unavailable.
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