18'6" Tandem Racing Canoe V1

18'6" Tandem Racing Canoe V1

The 18'6" Tandem Racing Canoe V1 has a canoe racing design that is built to be both stiff and fast. It meets the 3/27 rule, which states that a canoe must be 27" wide at the 3" waterline in an 18 ½' boat, and the beam must be a minimum of 33" at the gunnel. The bow height is 14"-15" and stern height is 8".

The 18'6" Tandem Racing Canoe V1 features a skin coat two layer Kevlar® construction. Foam ribs stiffen the sides and act as an anchor point for the seats. The bow seat is fastened to a full size bulkhead. Also features a center half size bulkhead for additional stiffness. Bulkheads are manufactured with a structural marine foam core which is covered with Kevlar® cloth. The gunnels are composed of a three-layer combination of spruce and cedar.

The bow and stern seats are a bucket-style made available standard in Kevlar®; both seats are adjustable.

18'6" Tandem Racing Canoe V1 Standard Features:
  • Skin Coat Two Layer Kevlar Construction
  • Three Layer Lightweight Spruce and Cedar Gunnel
  • Sliding Bow and Stern
  • Kevlar Bucket Seats
  • Adjustable Stern Footbrace
  • Glassed-in Bow Footbrace/Bulkhead
18'6" Tandem Racing Canoe V1
Length: 18'6"
Width: 33"
Bow Height: 15"
Stern Height: 8"
Weight: 32 lbs.
Material: Pro Boat Layup
Manufacturer: Pro Strike

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