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16' x 7.5' Drive on Dock

16' x 7.5' Drive on Dock

Item# 167DOD
Sale Price: $6,070.00
MSRP: $7,199.00

Product Description

The Retreat 1.6 was designed specifically to address those boats that were a touch too big to properly fit on the Retreat, but not quite big enough to justify the Retreat 2.

At 16' long by 7.5' wide, the Retreat 1.6 is a two-piece, foam filled lift. Like its bigger cousins, the Retreat 1.6 offers adjustable and removable bunks, a recessed bow entry, and the ability to attach either bow-to or side-to to any manner of structure.
16' x 7.5' Drive on Dock
Length: 16'
Width: 7 1/2'
Weight: 705lbs
Weight Capacity: 2,800lbs

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